In Italy you can eat in different places depending on the food and service you want to have:

The RESTAURANT is the place where the quality service is the same with that of the food

The TRATTORIA is similar to the restaurant, offers full meals but the service is more modest and the kitchen is usually homemade.

The OSTERIA is a place where you can meet local people and offers a wide glass of wines and sometimes a service similar to the trattoria, other times you can eat typical tidbits of the traditional cuisine of the place.

Here are some tips of places that will make you taste good wine, quality food and where the staff is always affable and kind:


AL TIMON is an osteria that in addition to the Cicchetti also offers excellent cuisine, try the Picanha. (fondamenta degli ormesini). It has chairs and tables outside that overlooks the canal.

ANTICA MOLA is a seafood restaurant whose quality is outstanding. The fish are fresh and the dishes are cooked according to tradition. (fondamenta degli Ormesini).

PARADISO PERDUTO is a trattoria where you eat good fish and you can listen live music. (fondamenta della Misericordia). It has chairs and tables outside that overlooks the canal.

LAGUNA LIBRE Special restaurant where you can enjoy homemade pasta and eating you can listen great live music (fondamenta delle Guglie). It has chairs and tables outside that overlooks the canal.

AI TRE ARCHI is a restaurant where you can enjoy an excellent pizza but also a delicious fish fry and is located near the PONTE DEI TRE ARCHI near the station (fondamenta Savorgnan). It has chairs and tables outside that overlooks the canal.

OSTERIA ALLA VEDOVA is a typical Venetian tavern, you can eat typical dishes of the traditional cuisine, both fish and meat on wooden tables. (strada Nuova, Ca’ d’Oro)



PIZZERIA ALL’ANFORA If you want to eat a good pizza we recommend you to go to this pizzeria that is near the station in the lista dei Bari.

LA ZUCCA is a restaurant that manages to satisfy people looking for a place in Venice where to eat dishes made with fresh seasonal vegetables created with imagination and genuine ingredients. It has a small stallage outside and is located near Campo San Giacomo dall’ORIO

TAVERNA DA BAFFO is a trattoria with homemade food and it has chairs and tables outside. Si trova in campo sant’Agostin.



BASEGO’ is a Cicchetteria/BACARO that offers a wide choice of great cicchetti, slicing boards and an excellent wine. It is located in Campo San Tomà.



OSTERIA ALLA BIFORA Rustic environment with dark wooden tables where you can eat some board of sliced meats, meatballs and good wine. It is located in Campo Santa Margherita. It has chairs and tables outside.

IL CACO NERO is a trattoria where you eat homemade pasta topped with excellent quality ingredients. It is in fondamenta dell’Arzere near piazzale Roma

LA TECIA VEGANA Restaurant a bit defiled but very good only for vegans or for those who want to eat vegan dishes. It is in Santa Marta near to fondamenta santa marta.

CANTINE DEL VINO GIA’ SCHIAVI bacaro where you can eat great cicchetti and good wine. It is in fondamenta Nani near ponte dell’Accademia.