The end of October and the beginning of November represent the conclusion of the summer period, the moment when the earth moves away from the sun and the days begin to become shorter than the nights. Nature is preparing for winter, the trees slowly take off their leaves and the fog makes its way through the lagoon.

In this period the commemoration of the dead is celebrated throughout the world.

The Encyclopædia Britannica (1910) says: “The celebration is based on the doctrine that the souls of the faithful who at death have not purified themselves of their sins can not reach paradise, and that they can be helped to achieve it through prayer. Some popular beliefs related to the Day of the Dead are of pagan origin. So the peasants of many Catholic countries believe that the night the dead return to their former homes and feed the foods of the living “. (Vol. I, p.709)

In Italy and also in Venice between 1 and 2 November this commemoration is celebrated by going to the cemetery to visit their dead. These days they give and eat the sweet beans, or Fave dei Morti (beans of the dead).

Similar sweets are prepared in almost all Italian regions during this period. The Venetian bean (fava) is of oval-shaped almond paste and is characterized by the three colors: brown, peach and cream.

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