March is a really crazy month and in Venice, it was all the weather possible: the high water,the snow, the rain, the sun.

Well, it seems that the wave of crazy march is slowly falling and at Easter we expect a rise in temperatures that will  stabilize on those spring that we are around 15-17 degrees. In general it seems that the weather will be mild.

Remember, however, that March always hides some surprises, so do not be taken aback and in case there is some stormy episode get yourself a nice umbrella.


What to do if the weather is nice:

In addition to exhibitions and museums, we recommend taking a walk on the beach at the Lido.

The Lido is an island located east of Venice and divides the lagoon from the sea, then borders on one side with the lagoon on the other with the Adriatic Sea and is covered for almost all of its entirety by a very pleasant beach tongue where you can find already open bars or seafood restaurants, or some ice cream parlor.

At the Lido there are cars and, if you wish, you can rent bicycles and travel all over the island to the Alberoni lighthouse, the island is about 12 kilometers long.


What to do if the weather is bad:

An idea different from the usual tour of the museums is to follow our food and wine tour or go to visit the historic Marciana library (in Piazza San Marco) or get lost among the thousands of books of the Acqua Alta bookshop (near Santa Maria Formosa). A nice alternative is to go in the morning for a ride to the Rialto market where you will find good food and lots of bacari in which to taste good wine, or take a photo tour by booking it with us 🙂