Venice is an amazing city: everywhere you breathe art and culture, everywhere, walking in the streets, you live the history of a city that has been the master of the Mediterranean sea. A city beauty and splendor but fragile that needs attention and respect. So to avoid shortages and to live the city better, we give you the 10 golden rules to visit Venice and to approach with its citizens.

The first 5 rules 


1) Venice does not have cars, so once you arrive in Piazzale Roma you can reach your apartment on foot or you can take a public transport: the vaporetto/waterbus. When you go to the waterbus the seats are limited so you probably have to stand. Pay attention to the suitcases: ask the sailor where you can place the suitcases and if you have backpacks, take them off because the backpacks hurt the people behind you .

3) Use a clothing appropriate to a city.  Venice is not a seaside resort, so we suggest to avoid bathing suits, bare feet in the canal water.

4) Please it’s better don’t do picnics sitting at the foot of monuments, on the steps of a bridge, in the middle of a calle sitting on the ground, in St. Mark’s Square.

5) Unfortunately, in Venice there are not many garbage baskets, so you should bring some bags with you. Please do not throw the garbage on the ground or in the canal


Other 5 rules:

There are municipal ordinances and if you don’t respect it, you pay a fine, so if you are staying in one of our apartments you have to know that:

1) Waste is collected with a door-to-door service for separate collection system: Mondays. Wednesday, Friday there is glass and plastic, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday collects the paper. Every day the garbage man collects waste mixed (without plastic, glass and paper of course). Garbage bags must be kept in the house until  the garbage man coming, or can be brought to collection centers from 6am to 8am.


2) If you travel with your dog, get some bags to pick up your friend’s dirt

3) Venice is full of pigeons in search of food, they can not be eaten because they actually carry only dirt

4) The monuments, churches, even the walls of the Venice houses are ancient, so do not write on, do not make graffiti, and do not stick padlocks on the bridges, also because they are removed and thrown away.

5) To avoid air pollution, you can not turn on heating after April 15, so if it gets cold we’ll give you a good deal more blankets 🙂