What is a photo walk?
It is a walk through unusual paths photographing the beauty of Venice.

Welcome Venice proposes a series of photographic itineraries in collaboration with Venezia Vision that organizes photo walk for individuals, couples or small groups, within the various sestieri of Venice and the Lagoon Islands and photowalk suitable for numerous groups after forewarning.

Every path allows the photographer amateur or professional the vision of unknown views or typical views of the city of Venice, suitable for any type of training.
There is also a specific path for disabled people, which can be implemented with a small extra charge to facilitate the overcoming of the architectural barriers.

Photowalk on request can include a gondola ride and an outdoor portrait session.

for further info: Contact Venezia Vision

We will accompany you and we will allow you to realize the images you want in the way you want it.
Two hours? Three hours? Half a day? Depending on the time you give us, we will recommend the Photowalk best suited to your needs.
Our experience of photojournalists will allow us to offer you the realization of images outside of the usual.
Our Venetian way will transport you into one of the most beautiful cities in the world, allowing you to look at it not exclusively with a tourist eye but with the gaze of those who, this city, live and breathe it.
Each photowalk will begin a brief dialogue that will allow us to understand your knowledge in the photographic field and continue with the setup of your equipment.


During the Photowalk we will be available to clarify your every request on the use of light, on the diversity of the subjects, on the composition of photography in general, specifying the use of photographic programs and optics at your disposal.

2 hours 1 photographer with companion euro 120.00
3 hours 1 photographer with companion euro 150.00
½ Day (usually lagoon Islands) 1 photographer with accompanying euro 250.00
Every photographer in addition, even if accompanying euro 50.00

Prices include IVA

We can offer you nightly photographic experiences or the first lights of dawn. Based on your experience and your requests. Prices will be agreed.