Venice is a city with a varied climate. Spring is soft, never too hot. In the summer it reaches a maximum of 35 degrees in the hottest hours, usually only in the month of August and not always, the autumns are mild until the end of November and slowly the temperature becomes colder and more bitter. In winter it is usually cold and wet.

In Italy there is a regulation for the opening of radiators or air conditioning, depending on the season, to avoid waste, limit energy consumption and atmospheric pollution.

Generally the rules for turning the heating on and off are:

  • The system must be switched on after 5 am and switched off by 11 p.m
  • In our Municipality From October 15th to April 15th, it can be switched on for 14 hours a day
  • According to current legislation, the temperature of the heating of homes, schools and offices can not exceed 20 degrees, with a tolerance of 2 degrees in excess.

Please follow these rules according to municipal law.

Thank you