If your hotel room is not ready yet, if you have arrived too early in the city or you have to leave the apartment you rented by 10 in the morning, you will certainly not know where to leave your luggage. Take around Venice on foot can be tiring and get to the airport or the station first just because you don’t know where to put your suitcases is annoying.

The solution for you can be find accommodation for your luggage only for a few hours.

The places where you leave your suitcases guarded are:

-Our office Grimaldi Apartments keeps luggage free of charge

-Venice Luggage Storage in Calle della Malvasia near Rialto prices vary from 5 to 10 euro per day

-Keep Calm Point is the luggage deposit of the Venice station prices vary between 5 and 8 euros and is located alongside the track 1

-Luggage is the first company in Venice that has dealt with the luggage storage The seats are at Tronchetto, in Piazzale Roma and at the station. It also offers several other services:

Luggage Transport
Transport people
Road freight
Freight transport in the lagoon
Luggage storage