Venice has been described in many ways, but Venice is a city especially to go, not only to visit. Its history is so ancient that every corner tells an anecdote, each stone hides some secret. The inscription on the walls, the topographical insignia, everything is particular and preserves a millenary tradition..


There have been written many guidebooks of Venice that describe, the places, the beauty, the works, but there is one among all that we would like to report:

Corto Sconto: itinerari fantastici e nascosti di Corto Maltese a Venezia


It is a guide published in 1998 and written by Guido Fuga and Lele van, two great designers, both friends and collaborators of Hugo Pratt, the creator of Corto Maltese. And it is he, the charming sailor, who will lead you to the places known mostly only by the Venetians. A guide characterized by drawings that portray particular or entire areas of the city and that may suggest you to search for those magical glimpses.

Know that it is not easy at all! 🙂

The guide is organized in 7 itineraries: Golden Door, Gate of the voyage, Gate of the Sea, Gate of the adventure, Door of the love, Door of the Orient, Door of the color, where you can travel in the company of Corto Maltese.
A fascinating journey to the discovery of Squares hidden behind a dark street, small banks that open on the Grand Canal, the crooked bridges, the two bridges without handrails, bas-reliefs that narrate anecdotes.


If you want to follow the advice of this guide and lose yourself without fear in the labyrinths of Venetian calli, because every place hides another that is worth seeing.