Venice has 435 bridges but by no means is inaccessible even for those who have difficulty overcoming physical barriers.

Almost 70% of the urban territory is accessible to people with disabilities.


AIRPORT there are free parking spaces for the disabled and it is possible to get on or off using the lift specially equipped for wheelchairs. In addition, assistance from staff at the time of ticket purchase can be requested.


TRAIN the RFI (Italian railway network) makes available to travelers with disabilities and reduced mobility assistance services in a circuit of over 270 stations managed through 14 blue rooms (Sale blu), reception and organization points (open every day from 6:45 am to 21:30).

You can request:

  • reception at the station at the agreed meeting point or, for incoming travelers, at the place occupied by the train
  • accompanying on board the departing train or the arrival train at the exit of the station or, for those who continue the journey, on board another train
  • making available, on request, the wheelchair for accompanying the train to / from the train;
  • ascent and descent to / from the edge of the train by a forklift truck for wheelchair users
  • possible service, on request, of luggage racks (1 baggage).


CAR, the Municipal Parking of Piazzale Roma for people with parking card for disabled people, there are 14 free parking spaces for the first 12 hours. Over the 12th hour and up to the 14th hour 50% of the ordinary rate is applied. After the 14th hour stop the ordinary fare is applied.


VAPORETTO there are places dedicated to those who can not correctly walk and also those dedicated to wheelchairs. Usually the ascent and descent is easy because it happens on the edge but if it were not so the sailor will always be available to help. All public transportation wharves are accessible to disabled people. Only in the case of a very high tide the access ramps take an excessive slope that prevents access to the docks. Remember that the Venice ferries of lines 1 and 2, the main lines of the Grand Canal, carry up to 4 wheelchairs at a time.

We provide the Mappa Venezia Accessibile which shows easily accessible places and provides useful information.


GONDOLA, even climbing in a gondola has become easier for those with physical disabilities. In fact, in the Piazzale Roma dock there is a mobile platform system able to allow the embarkation and disembarkation of people with reduced mobility.

We wish you a relaxing and comfortable holiday in a city that tries to find solutions and space for everyone despite the difficulties due to the urban conformation and the complexity of a unique architectural landscape in the world.