Are you sure that, for your holidays, taking a rental apartment outside Venice is cheaper?

The answers are always the same. “An apartment in Mestre costs less, public transport guarantees a continuous connection with Venice, Venice is too expensive …”

But it’s true?

Venice is a city Unique and fragile because its architectural structures have never changed over the centuries and those who come to visit it have the privilege of being able to see and walk in one of the few cities that has remained the same, that has not undergone urban planning changes or construction of new neighborhoods, no expansion, no architectural disharmony.

Venice is a city with a particular structure, it is on the water and it cannot be reached by car, or rather it can only be reached as far as its entrance, piazzale roma, after which it is better to continue on foot or by vaporetto.

It is a city that offers the most beautiful art show you can ever attend: every corner of it is full of History, every house, every building, has remained the same over the centuries, restorations apart. The churches and palaces on the Grand Canal have always kept watch over the city. When entering this city one should realize that what you are looking at is priceless.

And then also this story that in Venice everything costs too much is not so realistic. Yes of course if you go to Piazza San Marco a coke will cost you even 10 euros, exactly as if you were ordering it in Piazza San Babila in Milan, at the Trocadero in Paris or on Victoria Road in London. Guys, Venice is a unique city in the world, there are not so … and if you want to spend less don’t go to drink coca cola in San Marco, avoid making boors by eating your sandwich on the ground and look for the cheapest places through trip advisor, google maps or any other search system of your mobile phone.

Let’s debunk the legend that says that apartment rentals are very expensive, certainly not more expensive than any other big city, among other things, there are times when you can find discounts and offers ..

If you want to come to Venice on vacation, think carefully about choosing the apartment to rent. If you decide to take an apartment outside Venice, you should know that all that glitters is not gold and therefore to enter the city you will be forced to take the bus usually loaded with commuters who work in the city but live in Mestre. it will also be laden with all those tourists who have preferred to rent an apartment outside the historic center. Therefore take into account that it will be easy to wait for the next bus… good luck!