In each city there are rules to respect: some follow common sense and others are real directives to be seriously considered, otherwise you risk a salty administrative sanction.

Here are some of the most important rules:
  • You can not go up in the vaporetto without paying the ticket (urban police Regulations art. 50. Penalties up to €500)
  • You don’t have to leave the rubbish around the city and if you book an apartment you have to respect the rules of the separate collection that you find here


  • It is forbidden to smoke in all the public places and in all our apartments (with the entry into force of the article 1 paragraph 189 L. 311/04 (Financial Law 2005), the administrative penalties for infringements of the prohibition of smoking have risen by 10% established for the Transgression to the smoking ban foresees, in the minimum the sum of €27.50 and in the maximum €275.00)


  • For a packed lunch, use the benches. It is not allowed to cross the entire area between Piazza San Marco, Piazzetta dei Lama and the pier. (Urban police Regulations art. 23. Penalties up to €500)


  • You can not feed the pigeons (municipal regulations of urban hygiene, veterinary and animal welfare, art. 24. Penalties up to €500)
  • It is not allowed to daubing monuments with graffiti and writing (urban Police Regulations art. 13. For graffiti penalties up to €500)


  • Disturbance of the public quiet after 23.00 (urban police Regulations art. 29. Penalties up to €500)


  • It is not possible to cross the parking lot of Piazzale Roma with your car: You can travel to Venice only and exclusively on foot or by Vaporetto.


  • The temperature of heating in homes, schools and offices may not exceed 20 degrees, with a tolerance of 2 degrees. Attention, therefore, not to exceed the temperature values allowed by law, also because the abuse of the heating is among the causes of the air pollution of our cities.