Venice is a curious city that can offer interesting itineraries to go along with the children:
  • Parks and Gardens: in various areas of Venice there are playgrounds with swings and slides, climbing and rocking walls: Ca ‘ Savorgnan in the station area at the foot of the Ponte dell Guglie, Parco Groggia in Sant’alvise area, near our Residence Ca ‘ degli Antichi Giardini, the park of Sant’Elena, very large, where you will find besides the games also a small roller skating rink.


  • Museums: Some museums are designed for small visitors: the Museum of Natural History in San Stae in the Fondaco dei Turchi in which are exposed animals of all kinds, archaeological finds, fossils and an almost complete skeleton of a dinosaur of over 7 meters, Ouranosaurus nigeriensis, and the skull of the gigantic crocodile Sarchosuchus imperator. Another interesting museum is the Naval Museum which is located at the Arsenale where you can admire models of ships from the Venetian ones (including the one of the Bucintoro) to the military ones. The Peggy Guggenheim Museum offers free Kids Day labs for children aged 4-10 years. They are held every Sunday from 15.00 to 16.30 at the museum.


  • Murano: Visit with your children a Murano furnace he will remain fascinated in seeing the master craftsmen create from fiery fireballs beautiful glass objects. Take them to see also the processing of vetro a lume in which the glowing vitreous paste takes shape under their eyes until it becomes a small animal of glass.


  • Papier mache masks: Do not private your children of this experience: Make your own papier mache mask yourself. There are some shops of masks or costumes that make the workshops in which they teach to paint their own carnival mask: Ca ‘ Macana, near Campo San Barnaba and the workshop of Masks La Bauta in San Tomà where besides learning how to make a beautiful mask you can take photos with the costumes of the carnival of the Venetian 700.


  • Bell towers: Climb the bell tower of St. Mark’s Square, you will see all of Venice from the top and the whole lagoon. Another bell tower from which you will have a breathtaking view is that of the island of San Giorgio from which you can see all Venice, the lagoon and the bell tower of San Marco.


  • Gondola: Without necessarily spending too much money on a gondola tour, you can take your children on the traghetto, the gondola that crosses the Grand Canal and has a cost of 2 euros per person, you can let them try the experience of a ride on a transport that Venetians usually use.


  • Lido di Venezia: It is an island on the sea where there are many beaches equipped and you can swim. It is the seaside area of Venice frequented by all Venetians. Also at the lido you can rent bicycles to make nice picnics, take long walks, taste excellent ice cream.