Some time ago we published an article entitled The 10 Golden Rules to visit Venice that illustrated some patterns of behavior that you need to have in a city visited about 100.000 people a day.
We received many compliments and also many disapprovals for that article because it seemed that we wanted to teach good education, in fact it was a way to report the lack of decorum and respect for our city that instead needs great attention given its fragility.


It will seems obvious but in reality many people who come to Venice do not know the basic rules of good civil living.


Now we are forced to report another kind of unpleasant behavior that lacks respect in this case to the work of others.
In our Residence Ca ‘ degli Antichi Giardini, our flagship, we host an average of 8000 people a year that come from all parts of the world and we guarantee them an impeccable cleaning service included in the price of stay, performed by skilled staff. Which means basic cleaning of the entire apartment at every change of guest, just like in a hotel. Usually those who leave the apartment throw away their garbage by taking away all their things. Usually…..


But some of our guests, over the short break, feel polite and normal leave the apartment in bad condition. The motivation of this type of behavior we did not succeed in explain, because we are sure that in their city or in their homes they would not do so. Yet to our perplexity they responded with the absolute certainty of having left the apartment in good condition. So we do not ask for anything and we submit the images of what happened.


We do this because we would like that there was a little more attention and respect on the part of all for our city, its citizens and the houses that are hosting those who come to visit it.