When you come in Venice you have just a few days to know all the things to do, so it is very difficoult to learn the rules to respect the city.

Often our guests have some doubts about it.

Here are some of theme:

  1. the Check out can’t be at 10.00 a.m., because everywhere it’s at 13.00.

    We are sorry, but it is the rules of the structures like ours to check out so early to allow the cleaning ladies to properly prepare the apartment for the next guest.

  2. What is it city tax? I don’t know, I don’t want to pay it.

    The city tax is the tourist tax that the tourist accommodation is required to collect from the tourist and then devolve it to the Municipality of Venice. The tourist tax is determined per person and per night, it is applicable for a maximum of 5 consecutive days. The cost of the city tax is 4 euros per person.

  3. Pre-authorization, what does it means? Do you want to take my money?

    No panic! No money is taken. The pre-authorization is a verification and guarantee system adopted by hotels all over the world to check the veracity of the credit cards provided by the guests at the time of booking. At check-in your credit card number is required for a deposit of 250 euros. This money is not debited to your account but “temporarily” blocked. The amount, frozen, should be available again on your card after 21 days.
  4. I booked the apartment for two persons, but I travel with my little children. I have to tell you about it?

    Children must be declared in the apartment booking, otherwise the risk is not to find the apartment with sufficient beds. Unfortunaly, by law, a certain number of square meters must correspond to a certain number of people per square meter. So if you come in 2 people and you have children, please, don’t complain if there isn’t the apartment you requested

  5. Can I smoke in the apartment?

    In our apartments smoking is prohibited in any place. If you smoke inside there are the penalties to pay by law, but mostly if you smoke inside you will bother next guests.
  6. Can I bring the dog in the apartment?Not all our apartments can accommodate pets. But if you want to bring your four-legged friend, just let us know at the time of booking: we will find you a perfect apartment for you and your dog. If you do not notify us and present yourself with the dog at check-in we cannot guarantee that the apartment chosen at the time of booking will be the same.
  7. Give me the discount because there were no breakfast cups! (or the bathroom mat, or the light bulb in the room, etc.)

    If there were no breakfast cups or other things that you need, it is advisable to inform us immediately. Our cleaning ladies will immediately bring you what is missing. 

In short, the trick to better enjoy your holidays in Venice is to ask what you need from us and your requests will be answered immediately. We are always at your disposal.