The Venice Biennale presents in 2018 a structured program of events:

  • 16. International Architecture Exhibition (26 May – 25 November)
  • International Dance Festival (22 June – 1 July)
  • Theater (20 July – 5 August)
  • Music (28th September – 7th October)
  • 75th Venice Film Festival (29 August – 8 September)

The events take place at the Biennale venues of the Arsenale, at the Lido, at the Giardini di Castello.

The Legend of the Biennale Gardens

And speaking of the Gardens, for all those who go to visit and see the pavilions of the Biennale, we tell you a legend that is still told today: it seems that in 1921, near the statue of Garibaldi, placed in the gardens of the biennial, A ghost in a red shirt appeared and molested the passers-by, spiteing, kicking, and jostling. He was identified with Giuseppe Zolli, a Garibaldi soldier in 1838, who had sworn to protect the good Giuseppe Garibaldi even after his death. So the Venetians decided to place, behind the statue of the Hero of the two worlds, a bronze statue with the likeness of the same Zolli, almost to look like his bodyguard. From that day on the ghost did not reappear.