An ancient venetian recipe (Casa de Zuliani)
Get some cuttlefish not too small and remove eyes, beak (located below, in the middle), bones and cartilage of the head and dorsal bone.

Cut the cuttlefish on the back and remove them, leaving them whole and set aside, the bags containing the black.

Wash abundantly until they are perfectly clean, without sand and cut into pieces.

In a pan make a sauté with oil, butter, onion (and if you want also with a clove of garlic that should be removed just golden); Add the cuttlefish and all the black bags with water and a glass of white wine; Cover it well until it boils.

At this point, lower the fire and let the cuttlefish cook and when the pieces are tender, remove from the pot and put them aside.

Raise the fire again on the sauté and put the rice taking care to stir to make it shine and take flavor; Then add a little bit at a time to a ladle of boiling water (better with the addition of a little dry white wine or red) and cook like a risotto.

In half cooking, pour the pieces of sepia set aside.

Stir and serve.


Note: In the ancient age the cuttlefish bones were never thrown away for two reasons: the first because their dust was needed to clean the silverware, the second because they were stuck in the cages of the birdsTo sharpen the beak.