The gondola belongs to the ancient history of Venice, when you could still only go by rowing and, for this reason, we advise you to take a gondola ride.

Seeing Venice from the gondola is quite another thing, the perspective is different: observing from the water the banks, the bridges and the palaces gives completely different sensations, it seems another city.

The gondola slides slowly, to the rhythm of the oar of the gondolier, who masterfully leads it through narrow channels or under very low bridges, making it lull on the larger waves. And sitting there, on the red armchairs, at the same height of the lagoon, you will be safe in the expert hands of the gondolier and you will enjoy a Venice as you have ever seen it.

Useful tips

  • A gondola ride costs 80 euros and you can sit in 6. After 19:00 the price goes up to 100 euros. The rates, by law, are the same in every corner of Venice. Any supplements are for serenades or champagne on board. So on balance, it does not cost much then not?
  • In the gondola there is no danger of falling or sinking: once you get on board, the gondolier makes the tourists sit not at their pleasure, but in a way that maintains stability.
  • Remember that the planned tour is always the same, with transit under the bridge of sighs. Do not ask the gondolier to go to any particular place, he is not a taxi driver 🙂
  • The gondola ride takes about 30 minutes
  • If you suffer from seasickness in a gondola you will not have problems, the oscillation is softened by the fact that you are sitting at the same height of the water of the lagoon and also by the fact that the wave motion is not particularly sustained.
  • The gondoliers are all dressed the same way: black shoes, black trousers, black and white horizontal stripes (sometimes red and white) and a straw hat with black (or red) ribbon.