The days begin to lengthen, the sun sets not before dinner time and the good weather will accompany us from May until October.

It’s time to relax away from the crowd and go for a nice walk to the Lido of Venice.

The Lido is an island located in the easternmost part of Venice and separates the lagoon from the sea. Its long strip of sand is the beach for the Venetians who book huts and umbrellas every year.

At the Lido there are cars and you can ride a bike.

You can access the island with:

the vaporetto (departure from p.le roma or station, or departure from the rafts)
the ferry boat that can also take your car or bicycle.
The Lido is the ONLY PLACE IN VENICE where you can ride a bike!

Before the bathing establishments open, you can let your dogs run free on the beach, you can have picnics and go for romantic walks on small dams or up to the Alberoni lighthouse.

There are many small restaurants where you can find excellent fish, but if you fancy a super sandwich, definitely go to PECADOR, a small bar near the beach, built inside a two-story London bus.

So if you are too hot or if you want to relax a bit, do not use the city like a beach, do not put your feet in the canals and do not go around naked because now you know that there is the Venice Lido, the real beach where you can bring your children and run your dogs and where you can swim in the Adriatic Sea!

The ferries that take to the Lido are Line 1, line 5.1, 5.2, line 6, line 10. The ferry boat leaves from Tronchetto and is line 17.