Between Campo San Barnaba and Campo Santa Margherita, at the foot of the Ponte dei Pugni, there is a fruit shop located on a boat moored on the shore. Opened in 1947, the fruit Boat is a historical piece of the sestiere of Dorsoduro and was run by the Tiozzo family until the 2011 year in which it decided to leave the activity. 

For a few months the Venetians remained in suspense, fearing that the boat would close the doors forever and with her ended a lucky parenthesis that gave vitality and colors to the small fondamenta. Instead with great happiness of all, in the 2012 the activity was detected by Diana and Fabio Caregnato, brother and sister, and by their friend Maurizio who continued the traditional sale increasing also the offer with many products to KM0.

The Barca as affectionately call it the Venetians rejoices with its voices and its flavors all those who go to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
Once in Venice it was normal to find boats used as floating shops while now there are only two of them: this one of San Barnaba and another one located at the end of Viale Garibaldi in Castello.
Take a nice walk to the boat: take a look and taste some seasonal fruit!
Near the boat we have two very nice apartments:

Ai Carmini: Ideal for a couple or two friends.

Alba Chiara: Great for a family of 4.