You have to leave and take a trip but you have a little dog that you would like to take away with you and you do not know how. After being informed of all the travel documents that you have to procure look for the facilities that accept the animal friends.


Our agency manages more than 50 apartments and we are sure that your dogs will find the best welcome, of course it is always useful to advise before booking, because not all our apartments are suitable to host a dog, for different reasons: The apartment is luxuriously furnished, or is small compared to your dog’s tonnage, or is in a condominium context where the animals are not well accepted. So we will never get tired of repeating it: please advise before booking!


Once together with you we can find the best accommodation for your family and your dog know that his stay is at a cost of 15 euros per night.


Remember that inside the apartments there are specific rules so that even the next guests have no problems (for example a guest who stays after you may have allergies or other), so it would be better to follow a few and useful rules:

  • Please do not let the dog climb on the beds or sofas.
  • Please bring the necessary to give him food and water (its bowls), our crockery are not for animal use
  • When you take a walk with the dog, remember that in Venice you have to pick up his droppings with small bags that you can find in any pet shop.

Thank you all!